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Registration Information

Thank you for your interest in Branches Homeschool Academy. Open registration begins Monday, June 27, 2022 at 10:00am PST.

Before you continue to the registration application, PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL OF THE INFORMATION provided under the following tabs, HOME, ADMISSIONS, ACADEMICS.

Scroll down for APPLICATION PORTAL button.

In order to minimize errors and prevent delays, BEFORE you begin the application process, please carefully watch/read all of the instructions provided below.

Registration Steps:

  1. Make sure the class(es) you are interested is still open, check HERE.

  2. Using  a desktop or laptop (not a device), complete a per-student application. Applications with errors and/or missing information will be sent back for correction and placed at the end of the review process, make sure to read/watch all the information/instructions provided below. Application notifications will be sent via email from sender name noreply (check your Junk/Spam). Allow 3-4 business days to process your application.​ 

    • The following information is required for the first step of the application:

  3. Wait for approval. Approval will be processed after a complete & correct application has been confirmed.

  4. Sign up for volunteer hours. You will receive the Volunteer Registration link after your application has been approved.

  5. Pay for classes. Your child's spot in class is secured AFTER your payment is received.

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