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  • Instructor: TBD

  • $400.00 annual tuition

  • Meets on Tuesdays, 10:00am-11:00am

  • Year-long class, 32 weeks

  • Maximum of 16 students

The content and assignments in this class are geared toward 11th and 12th graders.  However, any high school students may enroll in this class and necessary modifications will be made appropriately.

In this year long class, students will complete a course that can be applied toward graduation credits! 

The history of the world is a multifaceted subject that can be studied from many various angles and with specifics on a wide range of topics. Students will follow the whole history from a Christian perspective, using the Bible as the lens through which they explore God's providence in the affairs of men.  Students will be challenged in their work and they will complete grade-level assignments, quizzes, projects, and tests.  They will learn through timelines, maps, collaboration, writing assignments, and projects.

Homework is required in order to maintain a full and complete understanding of the material presented. The classes are designed to give a full class curriculum with instruction on Tuesday, however parents are still the main teacher for their student. All assignments will be given with a weekly “homework” schedule to help keep your student on track. It is best to pace your student throughout the week to help them retain the most information. Each class is a full course and does not need additional assignments to be completed but parental guidance and follow-up is necessary.


Grading will be based on accumulated point totals which may be earned through reading, homework, projects,  testing and quizzes. In order to receive grades for these complete courses, students must complete all the required work for each course subject.  Although grades are given for these assignments and  this class, they are not official transcripts.



  • Students must be 14 years old by December 1, 2020


REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS (textbooks will be used for the entire school year)

  • TBA

If you have any questions, email 

Grades 11th & 12th | High School World History | 10-11am

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