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Through hand-drawn maps, star charts and video documentaries, games and watercolors, students will see the world portrayed not only as an atlas shows it but also in a way that can't be contained between the covers of a book. Using historical readings which chronicle exploration and mapping from the time of the earliest maps through the 1800s. Accompanying drawing lessons that guide students step-by-step through freehand drawings of islands, countries, continents, and other geographic locales. Including supplemental activities including review worksheets, games, art and craft activities, links to online videos, and quizzes. 

​In junior high classes, homework is required in order to maintain a full and complete understanding of the material presented. The classes are designed to give a full class curriculum with instruction on Tuesday, however parents are still the main teacher for their student. All assignments will be given with a weekly “homework” schedule to help keep your student on track. It is best to pace your student throughout the week to help them retain the most information. Each class is a full course and does not need additional assignments outside of this course to be complete but parental guidance and follow-up is necessary.


  • Students must be 12 years old by September 1, 2021.

  • Maximum of 18 students​

  • Annual materials fee paid directly to the teacher by the first day of class, $40.00/student.

  • Materials list coming soon





If you have any questions, email BHA at

Junior High World Geography | Grades 7th-9th | 10am-11am

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