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Performing Artist Kids acting class (P.A.K.) provides training in scene study, cold reading, audition technique and improvisation with an emphasis on television commercial work. Students will have so much fun and build their self-confidence along the way. Students will have a blast working together in works of comedy and drama as well as filming and directing their own commercial. The benefits of learning to act go beyond dreams of being a “Movie Star,” but offer valuable lesson that can be applied to many different areas of life as a whole. P.A.K. offers valuable lessons that promote reading, creative writing, public speaking and articulation, self confidence and good old fashion imaginative fun!


This class is for students who are serious about learning and will require consistent attendance and regular participation. Although our acting class will incorporate mind and body creativity, students must be prepared each week to follow directions and not speak out of turn. Our class will follow the three strike rule. The first strike is a simple warning. The second strike will involve a student siting out of the class, and a third strike will entail a discussion with the student’s parents and possible removal from class. 


Mrs. Castaneda’s goal is to cultivate and encourage an atmosphere of trust, support and a whole lot of fun.



  • Grades 3-12 (an audition and interview will be required by Mrs. Castaneda for younger students who are serious about participating)

  • Maximum 25 students

  • Mrs. Castaneda will allow time to lunch during the first 10-15 minutes of class; bring lunch.

  • Parent volunteer is required for costumes and stage set up.


$190 for first student; $175, for each additional sibling

If you have any questions, email Mrs. Castaneda directly at

Acting | 12:00-2:00PM | Grades 3rd-12th

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