Purchase your yearbook now for a discount from our publisher.  This will be the lowest price of the year until 9/30/22.  If you already have an account through Treeing from our previous years, just log in and make your purchase.  New families need to make a new account using our school ID found on the attached flyers. If you have more than one student, you can add them all to purchase separate books.  Every book will have 2 free custom pages that will be printed in only your book!  You can have multiple books purchased with different custom pages for each child! 


Our Yearbook team needs your help!

Send us pictures that you take of "all things Branches" related.  There are directions below to explain how you can easily download pictures into our google docs.  Folders are conveniently labeled so you don't have to guess where to put them.  Remember, we cannot guarantee we will or will not put these pictures in the yearbook, so please don't put pictures that you plan to use in your custom pages.  Thank you for your help!


Email Karen Sidur (yearbook teacher) at for any questions.