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Volunteer Agreement

Parent help is crucial. BHA is a drop-off program that does not require consistent weekly parent attendance. However, in order to keep costs low, as part of enrollment, families are required to complete 10-hours of volunteer help throughout the school year. BHA is mobile school. Every week we need a team to set-up and breakdown classrooms, recess, study, and hangout areas. On special event days, like potlucks, more help required. And every week, we must leave the campus clear of trash, cleaned up and ready for church needs.​ Please make sure to read the Volunteer Agreement below. 


Branches Homeschool Academy 2022-2023

Family Volunteer Agreement


The goal of BHA is to partner with parents in their homeschooling journey. Every week over the last 7 years we have witnessed this partnership grow and become stronger. Selfless service is at the heart of this community. Parents, students, teachers and staff set-up EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. to honor God with their selfless service. 


Without this help BHA would not exist. 


We are a mobile school. For weekly in-person class time, we have to set-up, breakdown, clean-up, supervise students, etc. For special events, like potlucks, picture days, talent show, etc., additional help is required. In the past, a small portion of parents, teachers, and students have selflessly showed up extra early and stayed late to make this happen. As our community grows more help is needed. 


In order to keep costs as low as possible, we need your help!


As part of enrollment at Branches Homeschool Academy you agree to volunteer at least 10-hours for the school year. This is a per family commitment (not per student). Whether you have one or six students enrolled, the requirement is to volunteer at least 10-hours for the school year. Families who fail to complete their 10-hours of volunteer help will forfeit priority registration for the following school year.


Please note, the above school volunteer requirement (10-hours) does not include specific class parent help requirements. For example, students enrolled in the prek-2nd grade classes require parents to help in class at least three times for the school year; for students enrolled in ASB, Yearbook, Performing Arts, etc., additional parent help is required. For details on per class parent help requirements, please visit the Course Descriptions.


A Volunteer Sign Up system will be available soon. Below is a sample of weekly needs (this does not include special events), schedule is subject to change:




















We want to be GREAT stewards of this blessing, our campus. We will do our best to leave the campus cleaned up and left in better shape than when we arrived.

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