Life Science | Grades 5th & 6th | 9-10am


  • Instructor: Mrs. Karina Vasquez

  • $300.00 annual tuition

  • Meets on Tuesdays, 9:00am-10am

  • Year-long class, 32 weeks

  • Maximum of 20 students

In this year long class, students will discover the hand of God in His Creation of man and man’s environment by exploring life science.  In the first 16 weeks, students will study plant & animal cells, flowering plants, roots, stems, photosynthesis, pollination, parasites & passengers.  The second half of the year, students will learn about scavengers & decomposers, biomes around the world, the ocean, tundra, seasonal behaviors, man's impact on the environment, and more through short, hands-on lessons. Students will learn about God's design for heaven & earth with hand-on projects, weekly assignments, and by collaborating with their classmates.  

At this level, completed homework is suggested in order to maintain a full and complete understanding of the material presented. The classes are designed to give a full class curriculum with instruction on Tuesday, however parents are still the main teacher for their student. All assignments will be given with a weekly “homework” schedule to help keep your student on track. It is best to pace your student throughout the week to help them retain the most information. Each class is a full course and does not need additional assignments outside of this course to be complete, but parental involvement is necessary throughout the week.


  • Students must be 10 years old by September 1, 2020

  • Supplies list coming soon


  • God's Design for Life: The World of Plants Student Text (4th Edition)

  • God's Design for Chemistry & Ecology: Properties of Ecosystems Student Text (4th Edition)

If you have any questions, email Mrs. Vasquez directly at

Life Science | Grades 5th & 6th | 9-10am


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