1. Use the golden rule: “Do to others what you would have them do to you.” Matthew 7:12

  2. Be respectful and kind.

  3. Keep your hands to yourself.

  4. Church property, décor, toys, etc. and areas outside, classrooms, and unsupervised exterior play areas, are off limits.

  5. Maintain a safe and clean campus; students, parents, teachers, and staff must clean up after yourself.

  6. We are a nut-free campus.

  7. We are a student-cell-phone-free campus. During school hours students may not use their cell phone. In case of emergency staff and teachers will provide cell phone usage.

  8. For students in grades Preschool thru 2nd, parents must drop-off and pick-up at the classroom. Teachers will not allow a siblings to pick up.

  9. Use playground balls for their intended use (i.e. soccer balls for kicking, basketballs for bouncing, etc.). Keep ball kicking, tossing, and throwing at waits high or below.

  10. Recess/play equipment is to remain outside. Do not hit balls against buildings or classrooms.

  11. If a ball goes into the parking lot, with supervision a student may retrieve it.

  12. Take turns with all equipment.

  13. Hitting, kicking, wrestling, rough-housing and play fighting and unsafe play are not allowed.  

  14. After each recess gather equipment and store in assigned area.

  15. Students are monitored during school hours. During all other times parents must supervise their own children.